Patty Mattson


Dreamtopia Locksley Longhair Animated Feature
Top Cat Furletta Du Chat Animated Feature
Into Temptation – OC Lollipop Independent – Dir Patrick Coyle
40-Year-Old Virgin Filmscore Vocal Universal/United Soundtrack
Ghosts Never Sleep Original Composition UK Soundtrack
LaGoulda Malcolm Series Pilot
Happy Tails Axel, Shasta FuFu Sprout
Avengers Age Of Ultron Computer Voice Nickelodeon
Fox’s Cause For Paws All About That Face (vocals) Fox
Beat Bo Childs Voice Fisher Price Toy
Carebears Cheer Bear (Voice) Splash Productions 2012-2016
Jingle and Belle Sophia’s Mom (Voice) Hallmark Channel
Diary of a Whimpy Kid 3 Teen Boy (Voice) National
Pier One Peacock Centerpiece (Voice) National
Toshiba Computers – OC Speedtalker New Media Commercial
Comcast Campaign  Narrator (Voice) National
Sleeper Cell Theme Music Vocal Showtime
What Should You Do – OC Tammy Lifetime
Unsolved Mysteries – OC Featured Lifetime
Rhythm & Blues –
Karaoke Nun/Singer                        NBC    and
many more.


PRINT: CA Walnut Board (Golfer), PR materials for productions in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, MDA Telethon.


VOICEOVERCOMMERCIALS: Buffalo Wild Wings, Walmart, Got Milk, Phillips 66, Lum Lums, Pier One, Cats Pride, Ariat, Novi Stars, Farmers & Merchants Bank “Freddie”, AmLactin, Acai Beverage, Fresh & Easy Markets, 3M, Hotmail, Kmart, Comcast, Dollar Stores, US Open, Carrabas, AAMCO, Claritan, Rutgers Univ, USC Credit Union, Kodak, L.A. Phil, Downy, Playmates Toys, Channel 5 News, Keating Hotel, Slendertone,, Roundy’s, Static Guard, I Dog, GM, Citigroup, Disney, Saturn, Reiter, Dairy, Springdale Gardens, USA hunting, 5 Hour Drink, Dish, and many more.

PROMOS: “Avengers Age of Ultron” AT&T, Mineral Springs, CSI, US Cellular, World Poker tour, Carebears.

ADR: Top Cat, Dive Olly Dive, Carebears, Observe and Report, Mommy and Me. APPS & TOYS : Zorbits Math Adventure (Zorbit), Historables (Marie Ant-Toinette), Disney’s Pop Dreamers (Isabel), Fisher Price (Beat Bo & EZ Elephant Rider). Mattel.

INFOMERCIALS: DogPedic, Easy Bake, Toasty Wrap, Kioseki Styler, Tweeze & Bling Hanger

Carebears Cheerbear Netflix
Air Buddies Trailer B-Dawg (Voice) Disney
Dora The Explorer  Dora, Swiper & Boots  Nickelodeon Jr
Didi & Ditto Hip Hop CAN
Mommy & Me 3 Goldfish sisters Independent 
World of Warcraft Games
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner Blizzard
DC Comics Superhero’s
Plug & Play
Wonder Woman
Deus Ex Panamanian Female
Dance Central 2 &
Wii Fish  Emily Palmetto & Fish
Batman/Dark Kahn  Catwoman 
Elephant Games Multiple Characters 
Microsoft Flight
Air Traffic Controller/Soldier
Sporty’s Duke + Big
League Sports 2  and more


JINGLES: BMW, Disney Mobile, Go Meijer, Showtime, HBO, Disney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Canon, Vidal Sassoon, Pantene, Mondovi, Coca Cola, Heineken, Marlboro, Jenny Craig, Mattel-Barbie, Playboy, and many more.

RECORDS & VOCALS: 3 Original records,Disney Pop Dreamers, Celebrate the Magic, Galactic Girls & Mouscercise. Dozens of parody sound alike’s  for Clear Channel. Am Idol “Showstoppers 5”, Discovery Channel, NAT GEO, Nona Gaye, Frankie Lane, Holly Robinson, Bill Nye, Alligator Ate My Asparagus and Many more.

TRAINING -VO: Working Pro-Kalmenson&Kalmenson, Master VO-Audio Books-Video Games, Mark Cashman L.A. COMMERCIALS: (On camera)- Michelle Hutchison MN, Randy Kirby, Barbara Niven L.A.

IMPROV & COMEDY: Groundlings, (Currently enrolled), Stephan Tobolosky – Kalmenson & Kalmenson, Jim Nieb – Playhouse West L.A.

ACTING/VOICE/PERFORMANCE: Kimberly Jentzen, Maria Gobetti, Steve Eastin, Eli Rill, The Actors Studio LA. The Guthrie Theatre, MacPhail Center for The Arts. Oksana Bryn. Wendy Lahr- John Donahue The Children’s Theatre Co, MN.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Professional singer songwriter w/3 original records, high level session work & professional home studio, live bands 2-33 pieces, animated characters in voice & song, versatile soprano, sound a-likes, dialects, fitness classes & training. Experience in Home Finance, Real Estate, Remodeling, Landscaping & Interior Design, Corporate Collections, Management, Sales, Advertising, Retail and Food Service.