Patty Mattson

Voice Over/Jingles/Parodies

Mattson, a crafty chameleon, is the dynamic voice on an impressive range of work from commercials, character voices and jingles, to a wide array of  inspiring and hilarious parody songs for Clear Channels national morning radio lineup.

She is definitely the magnificent essential which makes each one fly.

To see her full resume click the Resume tab above. You can also listen to just some of her work via the demos in the player on the right. You can also see fun videos to some of the parodies at

I play Cheer Bear!

“Working on the continued New Carebears season as Cheerbear which is moving to Netflix”. Check it out.

Jingle Reel Includes:
Disney Pop Dreamers, Heineken, Showtime Sleeper Cell, HBO, Mattel Barbie,
Magelic Productions Vanite’, Marlboro, National Geographic Sci Squad, Stars
On Ice, Disney Beauty & The Beast, Studio19 Songs Going Home.

Parody songs written & produced by Rob Izenberg

JIngle and Bell's Christmas StarScreen Shot 2013-11-25 at 3.01.39 PMZorbit ImageSylvanas Windrunner 2Novi StarsMortal Combat Vs DC UniverseMarie Ant-toinetteFlight SimulatorDues ExMousercisePop DreamersScreen Shot 2013-12-04 at 1.02.34 PMCarebears DVD 2