Another thought…for more than just the day

Yep At times I’ve lost it…I’ve flipped, responded badly and the like, but what I’ve learned along the way is that handling things that way rarely gets you the results you want and in the end, makes YOU…. feel bad about YOU.

Don’t become less than the best you because of someone else.

Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior define you. 

When you focus on what you want to accomplish, and the best way to achieve that, (which often involves understanding others), even when your up against really tough situations and personalities, you find a better way to reach them, and the result….You get what you need to get done, done while forging better relationships and gaining a greater understanding.

And even when none of it makes any sense. You are proud of how you handled things, your growth, and who you continue to become.

I’ll likely spend the rest of my life trying to live by this every day.

But that’s a pretty great thing isn’t it. :0)

We are alive. We have the Power. We are one.


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