Bob Lefsetz Recent Article

Here is a clip from a recent Bob Lefsetz article. It talks about what is happening in music currently, which he often does. I found this little blip of particular interest. Love to hear your thoughts. ________________________________________________________

A generation based on belonging gravitates to Top Forty radio because that’s where all their friends are. And if you’re not in this world, even if you’re young, you have a hard time making it. Sure, Facebook and word of mouth helps. And at least it’s faster than boomer word of mouth, which is positively moribund.

And these kids grew up in the era of “American Idol”. They focus on singing more than writing. Just like Christina Aguilera and the melisma makers were influenced by and copied Mariah Carey.

Listen to your old records, play your albums, there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s got very little to do with today’s burgeoning music world. These kids are never going to come to your land. Instead, their land is gonna morph into something new. Top Forty today is like the early sixties. Who didn’t love those Four Seasons songs. But the act did measly live business. Compared to what followed. Something is gonna follow this catchy, irrelevant, auto-tuned Top Forty stuff. And we know it’s gonna be based on a tribe. Classic rock blew up as a result of the ascent of FM radio, after stations couldn’t simulcast what was on the AM band. There will be another technological innovation, a new clubhouse, on some level that’s what EDM is about. Hell, going and being there is even more important than the music. As for the music… It’s gonna evolve.

Where we go next is not perfectly clear. But we’re gonna go together. There’s mainstream and then niches so tiny they live in an echo chamber. The “New York Times” wants to be hip and reviews albums no one is gonna listen to.

You want to know what’s happening? Ask kids. Sure, some are loners, that’s the nature of DNA, but most communicate with more people in one day than you did in years. They know every kid in town, still talk to their camp friends not only months later, but years later. They’re all in it together. And if you want to blow up, you’ve got to penetrate their world. Good luck!


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