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Patty Mattson, a crafty chameleon, is the dynamic voice on an impressive range of work from Animated Characters, to Commercials, Jingles, Records, Promo’s, and Video Games, as well as a wide variety of hilarious parody sound alike songs for Clear Channels national morning radio lineup, Not to mention her own Original Music

She is definitely a vital magnificent essential to the teams of incredible talent that make each project fly.

Mattson’s revered spoken voice and sensational singing voice are success stories on several dazzling fronts.

Her versatile range and vocal flexibility are stunningly aligned on many recordings including productions for Warner Brothers, Blizzard, Dreamworks, Brightskull, BlindLight, PCB, Netflix, Sesame Street, Disney, Nickelodeon, HBO, Showtime, The Discovery Channel, Hallmark, Clear Channel and Premiere Radio Network, (including Howard Stern), and these are just a few. Her diverse collection of characters and parody sound alikes for Lady Gaga, Sugarland, Jennifer Lopez, Dolly Parton and so many more including Celine Dion’s Theme from Titanic, with their hilariously re-written lyrics, are nothing short of inspiring! You can hear many in her player on the Voiceover tab above and also see fun video’s to some of the Parodies at Youtube/pattymattson.

Patty has been featured on a vast number of A+ commercials and projects internationally in a number of accents. For the last 18 years she has played World Of Warcrafts beloved Sylvanas Windrunner! She voices a large number of other Videogame characters including Demon Peitha in Guild Wars 2, Puppet Herta in Honkai Star Rail, Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter Magic Awakens, Baiken in Guilty Gear, Several characters in Elder Scrolls, a few soon to be named Pivitol roles 2023 record season, not to mention Ms Anthrope, Harolds Mom and ancillaries in Captain Underpants on Netflix, Lily The Tiger for Sesame Street, Wonderwoman , Beat Bo the toy, Zorbit, Locksley Longhair, Cheer Bear (2012-2016), Cat Woman, Lorna Lamb …..and this is not touching on the Looping – Including Argentina 1985, King Richard and so many more on the looping front.

Mattson was destined to be using her creative gifts since she was 6 years old when she decided to perfectly imitate Lily Tomlins Edith Ann and Ernesdine characters in her school talent show to a standing ovation. She started singing at 8, and after auditioning with hundreds of other talented children, she was tapped by the Twin Cities highly respected Children’s Theatre Company and school through Jr. High. She would continue her music and theatre studies at MacPhail Center for the Arts, a U of M extension, as well as the world renowned Guthrie Theatre. Subsequently, this singing great was signed by Dez Dickerson of Prince and the Revolution to her first production deal.

The Los Angeles Music Connection, wrote, “This girl has a god given talent that can’t be taught or learned“. Atlantic City and Las Vegas saw Patty Mattson entertain audiences as part of legendary choreographer Anita Mann’s lavish dancing extravaganzas Let’s Dance and Swing, Swing, Swing, as well as many years with the 8-33 piece band LA Beat, (The Leonard Neil Orchestra) in Los Angeles. Additional press can be found on the Original Music Tab above.

Along the way Mattson wrote and co-produced 3 CD’s of her original Music. “Throwdown”,  her Holiday EP “All The Wonders Of This Holiday”, and “THE ROAD” her debut release. She did this with the expert production & mixing team headed by Grammy Winner Rob Chiarelli of, and the wonderful skills of Simone Sello of Redrum Productions.

You can take a listen in the player on the Original Music Tab! You can also see a full list of credits on the Lyric Booklets provided on the Store tab.

Prior to her record releases, Mattson had her songs included on the soundtracks of several motion pictures including Friends and Lovers starring Robert Downy Jr. and Claudia Schiffer as well as Ghosts Never Sleep starring Faye Dunaway, Tony Goldwyn, and Sean Young. 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Armed with an impressive resume, Mattson continues to add to her Voice Over and recording successes with her LA and NY Agents at Atlas Talent LA and NYC, as well as her publishing company Studio19 Songs and her wonderful professional partners.

Patty Mattson, a quadruple threat for her versatile voice, character-driven voice overs, beautiful vocal stylings and her Songwriting and her Original Music  …. is pure IMHO magic.  Watch, listen, and know.

Written by Warren Seabury