Thought For The Day

“Health, the single most important thing in our lives”

Here is a link I’d like to share about GMO Foods. It’s a full list for you so you know as well as the PDF List.


IMHO it’s nuts we are not allowed to know what’s really in many of our foods so we can CHOOSE. Especially when the item in question is a proven poison.

50+ other countries HAVE labeling. The list above is huge, which is why the big corps fighting this don’t want us to know. It’s NOT the expense in labeling, it’s because we will quit using their products so we can stay poison and tumor free from these toxic Genetically Modified items. It’s time for change, and since they won’t label GMO foods so we know what we are getting, the next best thing is to be educated, and not buy them if you don’t want them in your body.


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