Thought For The Day

“It could be you that’s happening to, be patient, kind and caring”

I was on a flight today and a man had a health issue. When they wheeled him out first, he had great color in his face and was smiling and fully alert. He looked fine.

The majority of the flight however, he was laid out on the Aisle in the back, so everyone had to use the 1 bathroom up front, (there was a 30 minute line to get in it and lots of kids needing to go). All the flight attendants were awesome except 1 rude blonde with an acemetrical haircut. She didn’t make matters better.

It’s a drag when things happen that inconvenience us, topped by rudeness from those who are suppose to be the ultimate voice of care.  But most passangers were cool, as we understood that if it was us on the floor we’d want folks to have our back too. Even if  the plane had to land so we could get help. 

Let us not forget to be patient, kind and caring.


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