Going Home – 2019

Going Home is a beautiful Adult Contemporary song that has a positive take on our final transition.




Throwdown – Nov 2014

Patty Mattson’s 3rd CD is entitled “Throwdown”. It’s an additional 7 original songs, 2 of which she wrote years ago and never released until now, Daddy and Guess Life and she is so happy to have them on an actual record. Patty had some awesome co-writers on the project too, on the song “Let Me” her friend, an outstanding guitarist and the producer of the project Simone Sello, and on “Stranger To Love”, her dear friend Billy Pace, together originally created this as an R&B song but Patty re-arranged it with a new vibe for this project and with Billy on Drums.




All The Wonders Of This Holiday – Nov 2012

Pop/Rock/Country/Rock/Holiday – Patty’s 2nd release does not disappoint! This 5 song EP of original holiday music written by Mattson delivers classic big band Jazz on “All The Wonders”, followed by the beautifully written and performed Pop/Pop/Country songs “I’m Heading Home” & “Santa And Me”, and winds it up with 2 rocking holiday Jams; “It’s Christmas” & the fun, funky “Jing A Jing”.
~ This is a feel good, magical, holiday record.




The Road – Nov 2011

Pop/Rock/Country Rock – Mattson blends elements of Bonnie Raitt and KT Tunstall, with hints of Miranda Lambert & Anne Wilson. Her powerful, uplifting, well written personal stories make this record, one you definitely want to add to your collection!




It’s Christmas – 2011

A really catchy, feel good, Pop Rock & Blues holiday track. IT’S CHRISTMAS, the first single off the pop/rock 5 song Christmas EP out Dec 2012.




“Little Joys”

Cry Live Acoustic Version At Jump Cut Cafe



Early Reviews of “THROWDOWN” say….

I’ve listened to it twice through this morning at the office.  It is, in plain and simple terms, excellent.  Throwdown is a rockin’, raucous rush of rhythm.  My secretary absolutely loves it.  She was dancing in my office as we listened to it on my Macbook.  I also love Dear Momma, Let Me, and, of course, Daddy.  Beautiful stuff.  Your best yet. Keep it coming.

MuzikMan Rating: 4/5 for Dear Mama off of “Throwdown”

Patty Mattson has a new album out with several country flavored tracks. One of her favorites and mine is “Dear Mama.”
Everyone has a special connection to their mother and the track is a heartfelt message to Patty’s or your own. Anyway you look at it-it touches you in some way.
It doesn’t hurt that it has a bouncing country tune to get across all those words either! Great music and lyrics are all you need to make a message clear and it sure looks like this lady was successful on “Dear Mama.”   And that’s just on this song.

Selected as, “One of 6 cool new things in Music”

This Minneapolis born and bred Los Angelino is no stranger to the studio. With her
impressive voice she breathes dazzling life into the many recordings she’s done, including parodies of songs from Lady Gaga, to Adele, Sugarland, Reba, Madonna, JLo, Celine Dion, and Amy Winehouse, just to name a few. Mattson, a gifted songwriter, invites us to share her surpassingly well-crafted and performed debut release, THE ROAD. With expert production and mixing by 2011 Grammy™ winner Rob Chiarelli, Patty takes us on a moving personal journey from powerful & pristine, to rockin, soulful, & sexy, delivering some sweet surprises along the way. This is a record that uplifts, inspires, make you wanna dance and tugs at your heartstrings. The Road is a sure add for your collection!

 “Critics Choice & High Marks”


“Patty Mattson has all the makings of a Diva that will get attention on a national level”

The appealing combination of her straightforward vocals and blend of a rock-pop-country musical foundation, builds each song as a personal message to the listener. Outstanding vocals deserves the same level of musicianship and Ms. Mattson has that going on behind her to help make the lyrics pop out. Good vocals and good music do not come a dime a dozen and this is the kind of eclectic style that would satisfy many listener’s taste buds.”
Keith Hannaleck, Muzik Reviews (Oct 20, 2012)



It will rock your face off and tear your heart out at the same time (in a good way). Don’t hesitate to buy this album; Patty Mattson does not disappoint.

Sean McGee

ROCKIN! 5 Stars

Patty has one of the most beautiful and powerful voices I have ever heard, I love how some of her songs turn the energy up ALL THE WAY, while others are slightly more laid back but equally fun to listen to. She has a real talent for making fantastic music. The songs on this album make me want to speed down the highway with the windows down blasting this music! I recommend the songs “The Road”, and “Cry” but really, the whole album is FANTASTIC.



You had us at Bonnie Raitt… but only until we heard THIS album. Then,  Patty Mattson had us!!

Major vocalist with a ballsy presentation that’s pure intoxication. EVERY track has mass appeal with hooks from hell, all “radio ready.” The title track, The Road, and Little Joys will consume you!

Ken Main

Outstanding Music!, Best I have heard since being on Music X-RayI have not heard something this good since Sass Jordan did Racine.
by Al B. Founder/Executive Producer LA Music Awards Hollywood FAME Awards.


This album is fantastic! I love your sound! This is the first album I’ve heard in a long time where I really like every song. I listen to it on a loop- haven’t done that in a while. My favorites are The Road, Little Joys, Enough, Forgiveness and On The Wind- AWESOME!! You’ve got a new fan!
by NyWall

I am at my desk at work and listening to Patty, (perk of work in this case). This is the second time I’ve listened to this record and…. OMG masterpiece. We are both blown away by the artistic statement, and the heartfelt emotion that comes through in the performances, not to mention the story telling in these songs.

This has has uplifted my spirits. I believe this is something really really special. Every song is so meaningful, super great catchy tunes with inner energy. So powerful.

This is an incredible statement.
by Mike M

I posted Patty’s website on my facebook page!! I listened to her work and it is AMAZING!! She is very talented 🙂 Happy New Year !
by Taylor K

On the Wind is my favorite song…well done!
by Danny N

I watched the video on your site. Really great, and a great song! I liked it a lot. Very “new country”. You have a good, warm voice.
by Paul

I absolutely love this!!! I’m definitely forwarding this to my family and friends who will enjoy it just as much as I do.
by Tara

Awesome Patty!!!! Congrats to you! You have a beautiful voice!
by Joann

I just got back from New Zealand where I showed your video to quite a few people. A Program Director for Radio New Zealand thought your stuff was fantastic! Also one of their local talk show hosts for TV and Radio said he was very impressed.
by Mark M

That’s a gorgeous video, thanks so much for sharing it with me!
by Jeff W. Mile47post

Love the song and the video!!
by Wendy C.

Every facet of “The Road” was great, I liked it very much.
by Dick W

Patty – I’m home listening to your record again and just wanted to let you know how it grows on me every time I hear it. Again, I am amazed at your gift to express yourself. Vulnerable, yet strong, confident and undaunted. I really absorbed On the Wind and can’t believe how much I can relate to your whole thought and heart process. I love all the songs equally, but that one resonates with my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us. It has lifted my spirits up. I just know it will for others.

You rock Patty! I believe in you and your efforts.

Love and prayers
by Fenderman1951

by Cory, Ronni & Joe

Great tunes, great energy…you look and sound PHAB!
by Iceman Izenberg

I loved that song/video- not to mention that you look amazing! I am so proud of you. You deserve nothing but the best!

I hope that you are happy, healthy and surrounded by love!
by Scotty P

Awesome Patty!

We will be sending this around for sure, and east coast too.
by Bloomfield Architects

Hey Patty, LOVE the video and the songs!! Nice work!
by Bryce

Omg I am blown away from the cinematography and you look so beautiful! The lyrics are crystal clear and you are sexy yet tasteful . The home video stuff brought tears to my eyes. I hope you’re as proud of yourself as everyone is of you and this project……CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
by Stacey A

Wow! We were brought to tears and smiles of joy over the songs on Patty’s work of art and passionate production. It was so well done on all levels. We enjoyed every song. So thoughtful, and beautifully written. The cover and dedications are lovely. This is such a mature come-together place for her. She is really a star!
by Linda M

Doesn’t get more pristine than this!
by Jeffrey W

I bought your album just the other day and I have been listening to it non-stop. Totally AMAZING!
I knew you were talented through your VO work, but I had no idea.
The title track is especially awesome, as a long-time drummer I love the beat and your rhythm on Devil too.
Congratulations! Anything I can do to help your success it would be my pleasure.
Happy New Year! May 2012 be the best ever!
by Erik H – Park City Utah

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Patty!! Such a great video and record! Don’t know what kind of camera you used, but it looks AMAZING!! Both me and my boyfriend were like, “holy shit that’s a great end shot!!” Congrats sweetie!!
by Nayo :o)

I am nothing shy of impressed!!

I always knew your voice was amazing, but this puts it all in a new perspective!! This album sounds phenomenal!!
by Will2528


Every song on the CD is fantastic!!! The lyrics and melody stay with you… Its definitely a feel good and inspirational CD. Patty Mattson out-did herself… love it and urge everyone to get it! One of my favorite songs on this CD is (Tomorrow Ain’t Promised)… Wow!
by C. LaGrana

Patty has crafted a beautiful record.

Add this to your collection immediately, if not sooner!
Marc and The Plattitudes


This is truly a wonderful production. Patty’s vocals and lyrics are Billboard ready, Rob Chiarelli’s production is on the same level, but we already knew that. Really sweetly done!
by Ott Lukk

Awesome Debut!

Well written, with strong vocals and rockin’ live instruments, this meticulously mixed CD is a MUST LISTEN! The Road was created with a passion and energy that only Patty Mattson could convey. Every song is tied together and depicts The Road that each of us may travel as we experience life and overcome adversity. Patty’s vocals on CRY are rich, strong and pull us right into a song that each one of us that has lost a love can relate you the chills! ENOUGH…enough said. Must LISTEN! LITTLE JOYS is positive, fun and upbeat with a connection to family that we can all relate to. The rest….wow. You must check it out.
by TFehr

Love It

by Lynn Thomas


~ haifische from Eureka, CA:

“Fantastic! I thought it was some superstar when I heard it!”           

~ Azmer Ezhan:   “Love your song ” Cry

~ “Nice. I’ll be doing some more research to find more of your stuff.”

~ “Awesome”    ~   Thumbs up!   ~SameyAbinanti  “awesome”

~ sharonbostic “very good really enjoyed!!”  ~ 5  Love Them!  ~ragzlakhani from India  “Rocks “

~ Stacey King “Great vocals! Overall is just great.”   ~ kylifer06  “love your voice! “