Thought For The Day

There are tons of people who will take your money trying to explain how. But to really be indispensable, you have to have vision, and venture out into a wilderness only you inhabit, hoping someone back in the city will get the message and spread the word.

And it’s lonely out there. What’s worse, it takes you time to find your voice.

But when you do…

You go for the ride. You get into the canoe, you paddle a bit, but you’ve got no idea where you’re gonna end up. Get in the game. Relax your mind.

If you continue to play, you just might have a happy accident, you just might make it.

There’s no safety net when you’re trawling the far reaches of creativity. But that’s where the next big thing is gonna come from.

~ Bob Lefsetz


Magic happens when you least expect it.


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