Thought for The Day

Overcoming your fears is hard, but when you do the rewards are priceless!

This weekend I was given a great gift from my Uncle Mike Mattson, a talented guitarist and singer. He learned a song from my record The Road called “On The Wind”. It has special meaning for our whole family as it is about my father Ron Mattson,  (Mike’s older brother), whom we all lost October 25th 1971.

Mike shared with me that he always wants it to be perfect, which makes him nervous, especially in a situation that is Impromptu and for family. But despite no rehearsed at all, Mike forged ahead, laying waste to that fear and I was blessed with his beautiful playing, and the opportunity to share a song that has such a special meaning to us all.

Mike is not alone, I’ve felt like that for years and it is 1 proponent to my music not getting out earlier in my life. Perfection is unrealistic. We just have to do the best we can, some days that will be… beyond incredible, and others it won’t.

Here’s to conquering our fears, sharing our gifts, and putting it out there regardless of the outcome.

Thank you Mike! We blew a Kiss Ronnie this past Sunday…..On The Wind.


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